Reviving Rural Family Living

It’s been a long time, but it’s time to revive RFL, get back to some roots and work towards getting the farm and my farm life back.

Right now, I’m living in an apartment, but it all starts with some patio plants and some house plants. There’s no reason I can’t start trying to live the dream, even if I currently live in an urban setting. I’ll definitely be sharing some tips and information on container gardening, so it’s all good.

I have a Jalapeño pepper plant and a Sunflower on the balcony. They were planted too late, but ya’ gotta start somewhere, right? I will probably have to bring them indoors as soon as cold weather hits, so we’ll see if they do anything at all this year. The main purpose of the plants was to just grow something, even if it doesn’t produce.










Happy Gardening, Cooking & Farming!

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