Tips for Growing Your Own Food Without Garden Space

Growing your own food is great if you have a garden. But what if you don’t have much in the way of outdoor space? The good news is, there are ways to grow your own food even without a garden.

Here, we’ll look at some of the best tips you can follow if you want to grow your own food without a garden.

Grow Your Produce on a Sunny Window Ledge

While some fruits and vegetables don’t need a lot of light to grow, the majority do. This means you’re going to need to grow the plants on a sunny window ledge. Try to choose the window ledge that gets the most sun throughout the day. If you have a balcony, you can also consider adding a container and growing the plants there.

Many types of plants, such as herbs and tomatoes, can grow easily on a sunny window ledge.

SIDENOTE: I’ve recently encountered fungus gnats in my houseplants. Apparently they were in the new bag of potting soil I purchased. This post does not cover pests, but my husband found a great article about dealing with these pesky bugs. I’m sharing it because if they are in your soil, it doesn’t matter if you’re growing houseplants or vegetables in containers.

Make Use of Grow Bags

For foods that don’t require a lot of light to grow, you can take advantage of grow bags. These are specifically designed for vegetables like potatoes and carrots. You simply put the plants in the bag, then water them and top them up with compost as and when it’s needed.

With grow bags, you don’t need to find space to plant the veg. They are compact enough to use anywhere in the home. See more about growing potatoes in a bag.

Look out for “Baby” or “Mini” Veggies

Many types of vegetable plants need a lot of room to grow. So, if you don’t have a garden, it’s going to be better to invest in baby or mini veggie plants. These take up a lot less space and can easily be grown on a window ledge, for example.

When space is an issue, avoid deep-rooted vegetables. Things such as radishes, herbs and small-rooted carrots are the types of plants to focus on when growing them indoors.

Look at the pictures below for some great ideas on growing vegetables in containers or gardens without a lot of space. Some of these ideas are super cute and cool.

In some places people have to grow things on the roof.

Some cultures incorporate adobe or concrete planters into their home’s design.

If you can find an old bathtub, that’s a cool idea for growing a small garden.

But don’t overlook other items that can be used as containers.

Focus on Salads and Herbs

Other types of plants you’ll want to focus on are salads and herbs. These are by far the easiest to grow when you don’t have a garden. They can be grown on the window ledge or in a container. As long as they get a good level of sunlight each day, they’ll thrive indoors.

Avoid Over-Watering Your Plants

As the plants aren’t outside, you will need to water them regularly. However, it’s important to avoid over-watering them. If you do, it can stop oxygen from getting to the plant’s roots. You’ll also want to make sure you feed them frequently. You can purchase liquid feed which will enhance their growth rate and ensure they get the nutrients they need.

Having a garden definitely helps when it comes to growing your own food. However, it isn’t a strict requirement. You can grow some types of fruits and vegetables indoors. Strawberries may be a container plant you want to consider.

Remember, the above ideas are just some of the tips you can follow when growing your own food without a garden.



Happy Gardening!


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